Everyone has something they’re passionate about. You may not have found it yet, or it may be so obvious to you that you don’t recognize it, but it’s there. The problem is, few of us ever end up actually following these passions because of the obstacles standing in our way. 

Most of the time, the biggest obstacle to overcome is your own mind. You’ve spent so long focusing on the individual hurdles that instead of seeing them as several small issues that can be solved, you get overwhelmed because you can’t tackle them all at once. You’re defeated before you’ve even begun.

I’ve approached clients who lack confidence in their art and don’t end up working with me, not because they couldn’t afford the cost, but because they honestly didn’t believe they were good enough to become successful. Self-confidence is key. (That and hard work, of course.) If those people had had the confidence in themselves to pursue their dreams, they would have taken the first step toward living a life guided by their passions. (Which is the point, right?)

It’s so easy to focus on the things we’re not good at instead of playing to our strengths. You may be good at creating a strategy, but not good at keeping track of money. Find someone you trust who IS good with money (ideally a professional) and let THEM play to their strengths so that you can both become successful. 

Don’t spend all of your time working against the grain and stressing about not being able to do something. One person may be able to complete a task quickly and easily, while that same task may take you hours of struggle to complete. When you force yourself to do everything instead of playing to your strengths, you lose time, and therefore, money. You need to weigh the cost of paying someone to do something and what it will cost you in lost revenue by spending far more time doing it yourself. 

If you’re a musician, focus on your music and find someone knowledgeable to handle the business side of things. You’re creative! Create. If you were supposed to be running a business, you’d be doing that instead of creative expression. Why shoot yourself in the foot by doing it all on your own and slowing down the road to your success? Would you rather struggle for years hoping that it all works out by chance or hire someone and have far more success in a fraction of the time?

Think about how much money you make doing what you love. Break it down to an hourly rate. Then figure out how long it took you to do your bookkeeping, create your flyers, run your social media, build your own website, etc. 

Did it cost you more to do it yourself than it would have been to hire someone? THAT’S how you justify whether to hire someone to do those things for you. That’s how you determine whether it should be in your budget.